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YOUR RELIABLE PARTNER FOR MEDICAL AND NON-MEDICAL DISPOSABLE AS WELL AS REUSABLE PRODUCT - SINCE 2015 With this attitude, we have developed into a renowned manufacturer brand. From the beginning, we have built and strengthened our worldwide partnerships on the pillars of reliability, flexibility and trust. Our daily activities are characterised by a wide range of products, short delivery times, high quality assurance and a price-performance ratio in line with the market. As an expert for disposable as well as reusable products, we also ensure that our NITRAS articles and all the private labels we manufacture are always state-of-the-art and fully marketable. We have internalised these values in our NITRAS family and continue this important tradition to this day. Our personal as well as customer- and solution-oriented approach combines the above-mentioned aspects, creating a unique combination that serves as the basis for steady growth. Side by side with our partners.
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